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Helen Meneghello

An excerpt take from A History of Magics.

417 - The Fifth Year of Flame

Blesséd be Huaki

We know, as the forefathers knew, that all magic comes from the Gods.  No mundane man could wield the awesome powers to which the Gods give access.  Be it from Mar’Saflem The Storm Lord, or Huaki The Librarian, it is only the Gods who can so empower a man.  Each God has an alignment, something that makes them unique.  And accordingly, they attract different kinds of worshippers.  Faith, of course, plays a large part in the understanding and wielding of Magics.  A man or woman of great Faith will be able to commune more closely with their deity, thus exerting greater power in their spellcasting.  The hierarchy of Magic is clearly delineated; the Gods choose their champions who in turn rule by force of Divine Right.

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